My Process
I came up with the short story of Crystal Cove one Summer afternoon. I wanted to practice mixing my Illustrator skills with Photoshop. After designing everything in Adobe Illustrator, I brought it into Photoshop to add the glow and sparkle to the crystals and opening title.
When the plot thickens and the young explorer discovers who (or what) had taken the rainbow crystal, I wanted the viewer to be caught off guard and amused. The "meh meh meh" noises I gave to crab were based off of the noises my bunny, Truffles, always makes, so I figured it would be a funny touch.
Lip Syncing
Since this was my first time lip syncing a character with narration, I had to do some research on the different mouth positions and sounds. Based on my findings, I created my own set of mouths in Adobe Illustrator to represent certain vowel and consonant sounds.
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