As a Code Sensei instructor at Code Ninjas in Floral Park, I work with 7 to 14 year old kids and guide them through a self-paced white to black belt curriculum that enables them to learn coding by building video games.
EDDM Cards
In addition to this position, my role as an Animator and Designer is to promote the benefits of kids learning coding, advertise our facility and programs, and increase the amount of new enrollments. 5,000 EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) cards were printed and mailed out to residential houses in Floral Park, Garden City, Great Neck, and other towns in Nassau County. I designed these cards in Adobe Illustrator for our facility to gain more recognition and increase sign-ups.
Our location recently ran out of brochures that were provided and created by corporate. While they served their purpose, we had many parents still wondering what our facility provided. The brochures were generic and didn't share much about what we do and who we are as a company.
Rather than us reordering the previous brochures, I saw the opportunity of creating new ones and took on the challenge. I wanted to keep the same vibrant colors and youthfulness in the designs, while having a more formal and organized format. These are 8.5x11" trifold brochures that will be printed and distributed to current members, potential sign-ups during tours, girl and boy scout group events, open house and school events, and during Summer Camps.
The front page has the same scene as one of the window clings I created with the pink ninja saying Code Ninjas' slogan, "Kids have fun, parents see results!®" When you open the brochure, you are welcomed with a bright yellow page and photos displaying the programs we offer at our facility. Opposite that page is The Code Ninjas Solution, which explains the benefits of kids learning how to code at a young age and how we stand out from other coding centers. When the brochure is fully opened, the center page illustrates our karate-style white-to-black belt curriculum, as well as the programs and topics kids learn in each belt, and the page on the right lists all of our Summer and Day Camps. Lastly, on the back of the brochure, we have our social media accounts and platforms. I wanted this page to be fun and engaging because, even though it was the backside of the brochure, it was still important and needed attention. I incorporated little ninjas running around the rectangular page, two ninjas sitting at desks at the bottom, and the ninjas peeking out from behind the Facebook and Instagram icons. Overall, I'm very happy and proud of how these brochures turned out and I can't wait to see the number of sign-ups grow.
Window Clings
Since a lot of people walking or driving by think we teach karate, I was given the task of designing window clings to better advertise our coding facility. I edited existing running ninja characters, that were provided by corporate, to make them look like they're sitting at a computer.
The computer scene was my original concept and idea. I wanted to incorporate the blue light emitted from computer screens, but also convey the excitement and interactiveness of the coding games and concepts we use at Code Ninjas, like Scratch and JavaScript, flowing out from the computer. 
The other window cling consists of a field scene, which is similar to their existing branding and designs. For the large black ninja in the center, the character initially had an open hand and the other held up a peace sign. I had the idea of designing a laptop with the Code Ninjas logo on it—the ninja is "holding" the laptop over the peace sign hand, the open hand is holding a computer mouse, and the mouse wire is wrapped around the ninja. I felt this gave it a more playful feel and look, which was different than any of their existing characters.
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