First Intro (2016)
After taking my first animation course at Queens College, I was inspired to create an animation reel of the few projects I had created in that class. I didn't quite understand the concept of an animation reel when I was making it and wasn't sure how the intro should look, so I figured my name, "sparkles," and some bouncy text would suffice.
Second Intro (2017)
The more I watched it, the first intro I created seemed too simple to me. I tried to get fancy and use colored rectangles to move around and assemble my name. This was after taking a second animation course and creating more work to add to my reel. I had watched other animations reels on Vimeo for inspiration and got the gist of what it entailed.
Third Intro (2018-2019)
When I created these robots, I wanted them to look unique, cute (not intimidating), and display a simple color palette. I think it was successful at capturing my vision at the time and it incorporated my new logo, as well.
New Intro (2020-Present)
After two years of using the previous intro animation for my demo reel, I felt that it was time to create a new one. Of course, I just had to keep it colorful and vibrant, but I incorporated more fast-paced movement, textures, and a flirty dolphin character with sunglasses.
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